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2023 Half Marathon: Pre-event Bus Ticket (to start area)
This is a one-way ticket departing from Westover Road (Finish Area) travelling to Hengitsbury Head (Start Area).

The bus stops at the following locations:

Westover Road (Finish Area)
Cotlands Road Car Park BH1 3BG (St Swithun's Road)
Sovereign Centre Car Park BH1 4SX
Hengistbury Head BH6 4EL (Start Area)

Buses will depart approximately every 10 minutes.

The Half Marathon event buses to the Start Area will operate from 09:00 until 09:45.

You will need to be at your chosen bus stop by 09:45 at the latest to reach the Half Marathon Start Area.

You can download your ticket from your My Running account within two weeks of the event.

Event Bus tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.
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