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Sarah Moore

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Your brain is the most extraordinary part of your body. It's responsible for your ability to move and to communicate. It controls your emotions and stores your memories. It's the part of you that makes you, who you are.

Yet, 102,000 people are currently living with a brain tumour and the impact can be devastating. Research into brain tumours is woefully underfunded. Survival rates are just 11% and treatments haven't changed in 40 years.

We know progress isn't happening fast enough. We need to do more, if we're going to find a cure. And we need to do it now. That's why we're investing in more forward-thinking research, more specialist support services, and passionately lobbying for more urgent change.

We're committed to improving life for everyone affected and to defending the most incredible part of the human body.

Brain tumours strike fast. But we believe that with your continued commitment and support, we can be the generation that stops them – right in their tracks.

We won't stop until we have.


Once you've joined the team, you'll received one of our fundraising packs in the post. From balloons and money boxes, to our handy fundraising guide, you'll have everything you need to kickstart your fundraising journey!

You'll also received your very own running vest, complete with your choice of iron on letters so supporters can cheer your name all the way to the finish! 

Our events team will provide you with support leading up to the race and you can contact us for any fundraising information and advice about the the big day. 

The atmosphere is spectacular - it will be a truely unforgettable experience! Join the team and help us to defeat brain tumours sooner!

Bournemouth Supersonic 10K: Fundraising Target £200- Registration Fee £15

Bournemouth Supersonic 5K: Fundraising Target £150- Registration Fee £15

Bournemouth Supernova 5K: Fundraising Target £150- Registration Fee £15

Dog Jog Bournemouth: Fundraising Target £100- Registration Fee £10 

Bournemouth Jnr 2K: Fundraising Target £100- Registration Fee £10 

Bournemouth Jnr 1.5K: Fundraising Target £100- Registration Fee £10 

Bournemouth Kids Kilo: Fundraising Target £100- Registration Fee £10